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In an effort to craft the finest quality products on the market we have created the IONIC Certified Clean program. Certified Clean means that every product that leaves our facilities meets or exceeds state mandates on pesticide testing. 

We do this by testing every batch individually. This testing ensures that we deliver to our customers the safest and cleanest products possible. Certificates Of Analysis (COAs) are published here for viewing. You can check by product line and state to verify that your purchase has met or exceeded state standards. 

We use only the highest quality materials available carefully sourced from producers of integrity, state of the art equipment, and strict operating practices. Each and every delivery has been subjected to rigorous testing so you can rest assured you are getting the quality you deserve. That’s our guarantee to you. Every time.

Certified Clean

View IONIC’s lab tested results here, by State, Product line, and Test Date.

Certified Clean