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An Experience Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

The sourcing, extracting and refinement of cannabis oils and concentrates is both an art and a science.
For Ionic, knowledge, expertise and dedication to the craft is a passion. A passion that elevates the cannabis experience.



The finest concentrates start with sourcing of the finest flower and trim. You can’t get out what you don’t put in. Carefully sourced and hand selected by our Flower Team to meet the exceptional standards we demand.
creating a variety of THC and CBD potencies to deliver our consistent and curated experiences.


There are less expensive and faster methods of extraction, but Co2 extraction yields superior purity, clarity and taste. We understand that true quality takes time and effort. We take pride in our products and always choose to put in the extra effort rather than sacrifice quality.


Not only are the raw materials and the extraction methods important – but also how they are refined into the finest concentrates. Our passion to create dependable and consistent experiences demands 3 times refinement or distillation, and always organic terpene blending. Meaning that we can reproduce it time and again, and that the quality of the cannabis experience never deviates from the exceptional standards we demand.