Our Story

Ionic was founded over 6 years ago by friends and family many of which are still instrumental in the business today. What originally started out as an indoor grow operation eventually developed into an idea to pivot our company towards what was then a new idea emerging into the cannabis space: oil extraction.

After researching all of the different extraction solvents and processes available, the clear choice of Co2 extraction became our focus. We wanted to achieve the utmost purity with the cleanest consumption to allow our brand to represent one of class, quality, and luxury.

Beginning with disposable pens and quickly followed by cartridges and wax products, Ionic overcame many obstacles over the years. Through all of this, we become the top vape cartridge company in the Washington state recreational cannabis market.

Ionic has a huge customer base and a passionate following, supported by a strong relationship with high profile media partners such as Dope Magazine. You can often find us representing the industry as premium sponsors at many events throughout the community such as the Dope Cup, Dope Industry Awards, Hempfest, and more.

At Ionic, continuous innovation in devices and oil takes place to ensure that we are always providing the purest cannabis experience possible, while elevating and refining the experience of cannabis to further legitimize the industry itself.